Our Story

I started my own business in April of 2011 when I opened a local Floral Shop and Nursery in the heart of little ol' Burns, Oregon. This came abruptly after meeting my now husband, deciding he was the one, and leaving three years into a four year degree at the University of Idaho to move back to my hometown (Burns) which was only 40 miles, as opposed to 400 miles, from my where my husband worked on his family's ranch. (the things you do for love!)

With three years of a college education and nothing to show for it, owning my own business just seemed to fit. After working for my Mom in her nursery and garden center as a kid, following in her footsteps had always been a dream. So when deciding to buy and reopen my families garden center I knew I didn't want it to just be seasonal, it had to be more than just plantsI So what better fit than combining my love of gardening, creating, and decorating into one business, and so 4-B Nursery & Floral was established. As a 20 year old entrepreneur, in a rural Oregon town it was SCARY to say the least.

Today my local business is thriving and I am so blessed by the ways it has grown and flourished. I started in a wee 280 square feet shop located on a half block to now a brand new 1200 square feet floral shop and beautiful nursery.

With the expansion of my new floral and gift shop, my selection of handmade home decor has grown as well. My thrifty handmade items have been a huge success and for the past several years I have had an outpouring of request for a means to buy or purchase my gift and home decor items online for those customers near and far. So I launched my very own Etsy Shop, Bunkhouse and Broadway. The past two years have been crazy and we are so beyond grateful for love and support from all of our customers. We will soon be building our own work shop directly behind our Nursery & Floral shop to have a space dedicated just to our signs and Etsy.

I LOVE being able share my creations with not only those in Harney, County and surrounding areas but now ALL OF YOU ACROSS THE NATION!!!

Thanks for stoping by and touring my "Etsy" shop I hope you will browse and stay awhile, and with any luck maybe we will see you in our local shop someday too! www.facebook.com/4bnursery

With Love,
Brittnee Bentz

Just a little note on the naming of my businesses:
-The name 4-B comes from my wonderful family Brian (my dad), Bev (my mom), Brianna (my sister) and Brittnee (me) and was also the name of my Mom's garden center I worked in as a kid. So for me it was a no brainer to continue on with the family business name and just add the 'floral shop' to it. And so 4-B NURSERY AND FLORAL was created.

When it came to naming my Etsy Shop I put a lot of thought and hours into coming up with what is now BUNKHOUSE AND BROADWAY. I knew I wanted to incorporate the whole "B" theme but somehow it needed to reflect who my husband and I are. He, a total ropin' ridin' buckarooin' cowboy and I, your typical small town, embellished "flower" girl. With that I think no further explanation is needed ;)

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